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N.Z.J.For., Volume 4(4), 1939
Timber rights under New Zealand coal mining laws
F. W. Foster
Pages: 199–204
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 570 KB)

Research article
The growth of even-aged young Nothofagus forest in the more accessible and better quality sites of the Reefton District
R. B. Moorhouse
Pages: 205–217
 | Article (pdf file, 1.2 MB)

Review article
Interplanting with exotics at Eura State Forest
G. H. Hocking and A. G. K. Mayfield
Pages: 218–226
 | Article (pdf file, 997 KB)

Review article
Sand dune reclamation
J. L. Harrison-Smith
Pages: 227–235
 | Article (pdf file, 1.7 MB)

Review article
Timber rights under New Zealand mining law
F. W. Foster
Pages: 236–248
 | Article (pdf file, 1.5 MB)

Review article
Preparation of the forest floor for seed reception
J. F. Field
Pages: 248
 | Article (pdf file, 103 KB)

Review article
The advantages of the topographic abney level for forest work
J. F. Lysaght
Pages: 249–252
 | Article (pdf file, 349 KB)

Review article
Notes on regeneration of podocarps under beech in sample plots in the Reefton District
R. B. Moorhouse
Pages: 253–255
 | Article (pdf file, 239 KB)

Review article
Buprestid beetles in New Zealand
L. J. Dumbleton
Pages: 256
 | Article (pdf file, 118 KB)

Review article
A note on the production of creosoted fence posts by the State Forest Service
Pages: 257
 | Article (pdf file, 92 KB)

Review article
Extracts from: Maintenance of vegetative cover in New Zealand with special reference to land erosion
Pages: 258–269
 | Article (pdf file, 1.4 MB)

Book Review
An outline of forestry
T. Thomson and M. R. K. Jerram
Pages: 270
 | Article (pdf file, 104 KB)

Book Review
The practical utility of the selenium method of seed testing
E. F. Eidmann
Pages: 270–272
 | Article (pdf file, 328 KB)

Book Review
"The canker of Cupressus induced by Coryneum cardinale n. sp."
W. W. Wagener
Pages: 272–273
 | Article (pdf file, 236 KB)

Book Review
Elementary forest mensuration
M. R. K. Jerram
Pages: 274
 | Article (pdf file, 114 KB)

Receipt of the following publications during 1939 is acknowledged by the N.Z. Institute of Foresters

Pages: 275–276
 | Article (pdf file, 114 KB)

Institute News
New Zealand Institute of Foresters Incorporated
Pages: 277–278
 | Article (pdf file, 148 KB)

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