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N.Z.J.For., Volume 4(5), 1941
Pages: 279–280
 | Article (pdf file, 212 KB)

Research article
War Impressions of Some Woods in Southern England
A. L. Poole
Pages: 281–283
 | Article (pdf file, 1 MB)

Research article
Kauri Gum
J.L. Harrison-Smith
Pages: 284–292
 | Article (pdf file, 987 KB)

Research article
On Kauri Growth and Yeild
A. D. McKinnon
Pages: 293–295
 | Article (pdf file, 898 KB)

Coppicing of Corsican Pine
R. W. G. J.
Pages: 295
 | Article (pdf file, 55 KB)

Research article
Soil Survey and Forest Management
A. D. McKinnon
Pages: 296–299
 | Article (pdf file, 341 KB)

Research article
Natural Regeneration of Exotic Species in Hamner Springs District
W. H. Jolliffe
Pages: 300–305
 | Article (pdf file, 569 KB)

Research article
J. S. Reid and H. R. Orman
Pages: 306–307
 | Article (pdf file, 604 KB)

Research article
Notes on the Kauri-Beech ( Nothofagus truncata) Assocaition in Omahuta State Forest
A. N. Sexton
Pages: 308–310
 | Article (pdf file, 301 KB)

Research article
Growth of Spruce at Conical Hill: A Mycorrhizal Explanation
M. McKee and T. C. Birch
Pages: 311–313
 | Article (pdf file, 1.1 MB)

Research article
Seasoning of Larch Poles at Hanmer
F. McDonald
Pages: 313–315
 | Article (pdf file, 265 KB)

Research article
State Forest Service Utilisation Unit
Pages: 316–318
 | Article (pdf file, 1.8 MB)

Research article
Notes on the early growth of three species of Agathis
A. N. Sexton
Pages: 319–323
 | Article (pdf file, 348 KB)

Research article
Nothofagus Regeneration in the Kaweka Range
N. L. Elder
Pages: 324–327
 | Article (pdf file, 418 KB)

Research article
New Zealand Forest Legislation
W. Boardman
Pages: 328–330
 | Article (pdf file, 227 KB)

Research article
Forestry in France To-day
C. M. Smith
Pages: 331–332
 | Article (pdf file, 170 KB)

Research article
The Species of Termites in New Zew Zealand
D. Miller
Pages: 333–334
 | Article (pdf file, 172 KB)

Research article
Lumber Situation in Japan
C. M. Croft
Pages: 335–337
 | Article (pdf file, 232 KB)

Book Review
Review: A Handbook of the Naturalised Flora of New Zealand
Pages: 338
 | Article (pdf file, 109 KB)

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