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N.Z.J.For., Volume 51(3), 2006
Stiff wood or stiff biccies...
Euan Mason
Pages: 2–3
 | Article (pdf file, 1340 KB)

Impacts of silviculture on wood quality: Variations in the dynamic modulus of elasticity with proximity to the stand edge in radiata pine stands on the Canterbury Plains, New Zealand
Arturo Bascunan, John Moore and John Walker
Pages: 4–8
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 190 KB)

The unseen depths of soils - how plant growth promoting microbes may advance commercial forestry practices
A. C. Tizzard, M. Vergnon and P. W. Clinton
Pages: 9–12
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 144 KB)

The effect of growth rate and irrigation on the basic density and kraft pulp yield of Eucalyptus globulus and E. nitens
Geoff Downes, Dale Worledge, Laurie Schimleck, Chris Harwood, Jim French and Christopher Beadle
Pages: 13–22
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1986 KB)

Vessel frequency, size and arrangement in two eucalypt clones growing at sites differing in water availability
David M. Drew and Norman W. Pammenter
Pages: 23–28
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1333 KB)

Refereed Articles
Determining the effect of increasing vegetation competition through fertiliser use on the establishment of wildings in unimproved high country grassland
Nick Ledgard
Pages: 29–34
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 124 KB)

Refereed Articles
Integrating advanced biomass gasifiers into the New Zealand wood industry
J. P. Rutherford and C. J. Williamson
Pages: 35–41
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1712 KB)

De-forestation of the Canterbury plains?
Bill Studholme
Pages: 42–44
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1464 KB)

Setting the NZIF agenda
Mark Bloomberg
Pages: 45
 | Article (pdf file, 158 KB)

Review of Japanese forest and its implications
R. Fenton
Pages: 46
 | Article (pdf file, 72 KB)

Economic work on Douglas fir
R. Fenton
Pages: 46–47
 | Article (pdf file, 712 KB)

Natural enemy unleashed on buddleia
Pages: 47
 | Article (pdf file, 704 KB)

As Judged by Your Piers
On conservatism
Piers Maclaren
Pages: 48
 | Article (pdf file, 172 KB)

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