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N.Z.J.For., Volume 5(4), 1947
Empire Forestry Conference, 1947
Pages: 262–268
 | Article (pdf file, 750 KB)

Research article
Some Observations upon Forest Tree Breeding
A. L. Poole
Pages: 269–277
 | Article (pdf file, 1.1 MB)

Review article
Functions of the Forester in Soil Conservation
C. M. Smith
Pages: 278–284
 | Article (pdf file, 755 KB)

Review article
Principles of Primary Forest Ecological Survey: Their Application to the Forests of Otago and Southland
J. T. Holloway
Pages: 285–294
 | Article (pdf file, 1.1 MB)

Research article
Geographical Distribution of Pinus nigra
A. N. Sexton
Pages: 295–301
 | Article (pdf file, 2.3 MB)

Research article
Japan's Forests
A. W. Grayburn
Pages: 302–309
 | Article (pdf file, 724 KB)

Review article
The Fifth British Empire Forestry Conference, 1947
A. D. McKinnon
Pages: 310–323
 | Article (pdf file, 1.4 MB)

Note on Pinus radiata relationships
A. L. Poole
Pages: 324
 | Article (pdf file, 93 KB)

Wind Damage in the Manawatu and Rangitikei Districts
G. H. Hocking
Pages: 325
 | Article (pdf file, 109 KB)

The Planimeter for Computing Sample Tree Volume
J. L. Harrison-Smith
Pages: 325–326
 | Article (pdf file, 219 KB)

Returns from Clear Felling an Area of Insignis Pine
M. R. Skipworth
Pages: 327–328
 | Article (pdf file, 223 KB)

The Umbrella Pine
A. W. Grayburn
Pages: 328–330
 | Article (pdf file, 283 KB)

Silica in Beech Timbers
J. S. Reid
Pages: 330–331
 | Article (pdf file, 157 KB)

Letters to the Editor
Waipoua Kauri Forest
W. M. Hamilton
Pages: 332
 | Article (pdf file, 99 KB)

Letters to the Editor
Fire Protection
A. N. Sexton
Pages: 333
 | Article (pdf file, 95 KB)

Letters to the Editor
Growth Rate of Indigenous Species
A. P. Thomson
Pages: 334
 | Article (pdf file, 78 KB)

Book Review
The Forest, Forestry and Man
Pages: 334–336
 | Article (pdf file, 279 KB)

Book Review
Decay of Timber and its Prevention
K. St. G. Cartwright and W. P. K. Findlay
Pages: 336–337
 | Article (pdf file, 197 KB)

Book Review
The Use of Aerial Survey in Forestry and Agriculture
J. W. B. Sisam
Pages: 337–340
 | Article (pdf file, 463 KB)

Book Review
The Commercial Timbers of Australia
I. H. Boas
Pages: 340
 | Article (pdf file, 117 KB)

Book Review
Pages: 340–341
 | Article (pdf file, 224 KB)

In New Zealand Contemporaries
Pages: 342–344
 | Article (pdf file, 276 KB)

Institute News
Officers 1946-48
Pages: 345–348
 | Article (pdf file, 338 KB)

Institute News
Publications Received
Pages: 347–349
 | Article (pdf file, 291 KB)

Institute News
Roll of Members
Pages: 349–351
 | Article (pdf file, 309 KB)

Institute News
Membership of the New Zealand Institute of Foresters
Pages: 352–354
 | Article (pdf file, 301 KB)

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