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N.Z.J.For., Volume 60(4), 2016
New technology and its implications
Chris Goulding
Pages: 2
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 183 KB)

Feature article
Using the harvester on-board computer capability to move towards precision forestry
Alejandro Olivera and Rien Visser
Pages: 3–7
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 555 KB)

Feature article
Robotics in forestry
Richard Parker, Karen Bayne and Peter W. Clinton
Pages: 8–14
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 514 KB)

Feature article
Remote sensing for precision forestry
Jonathan Dash, David Pont, Rod Brownlie, Andrew Dunningham, Michael Watt and Grant Pearse
Pages: 15–24
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 605 KB)

Feature article
The internet of things for forestry: new concepts, new opportunities
Barbara Hock, Marie Heaphy, Melissa Evans, Andrew Dunningham and Bryan Graham
Pages: 25–28
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 263 KB)

Professional Paper
Analysis of New Zealand forest transactions 2011-2013
Bruce Manley
Pages: 29–32
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 227 KB)

Professional Paper
Eucalyptus nitens for solid timber - silk purse or sow’s ear?
Dean Satchell
Pages: 33–36
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 404 KB)

Refereed article
Variability in JAS/tonne values
John Ellis
Pages: 37–43
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 621 KB)

Short Communication
People power brings kokako back

Pages: 44
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 328 KB)

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