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N.Z.J.For., Volume 61(4), 2017
Ecosystem services
Chris Goulding
Pages: 2
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 179 KB)

Feature article
Ecosystem services - an industry perspective
Peter Oliver
Pages: 3–6
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 267 KB)

Feature article
The broader benefits provided by New Zealandís planted forests
Richard T. Yao, Duncan R. Harrison and Michelle Harnett
Pages: 7–15
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 625 KB)

Feature article
Identifying complementarities for the dairy and forestry industries in the Central North Island
Juan J. Monge, Warren J. Parker and Stefania Pizzirani
Pages: 16–23
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 396 KB)

Feature article
Forestry management guidelines for forests with brown kiwi
Wendy Sporle
Pages: 24–27
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 311 KB)

Feature article
Nineteen years of FSC certification in New Zealand
Cyrielle Durand
Pages: 28–30
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 220 KB)

Feature article
The essence of trees
Paul Greaves
Pages: 31–32
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 159 KB)

Feature article
Is the ETS worth the carbon it is written on for small-scale forest owners?
Robert Hughes and Paul Molloy
Pages: 33–36
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 151 KB)

Professional Paper
The internet of things - wireless sensor networks and their application to forestry
Karen Bayne, Samuel Damesin and Melissa Evans
Pages: 37–41
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 280 KB)

Professional Paper
Update on forest safety initiatives
Fiona Ewing
Pages: 42–44
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 145 KB)

Letter to the Editor
Quality assurance plots
Wink Sutton
Pages: 44
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 45 KB)

Last word
Geoff Thorp
Pages: 45
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 176 KB)

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