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N.Z.J.For., Volume 64(2), 2019
Chris Goulding
Pages: 2
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 256 KB)

Feature article
NZ Wood Design Guides
Andy van Houtte and Jeff Parker
Pages: 3–10
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 483 KB)

Feature article
Wood properties for engineered timber buildings
Andrew H. Buchanan
Pages: 11–18
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 686 KB)

Feature article
Wood modification for improved performance
Robert Franich
Pages: 19–24
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 289 KB)

Professional Paper
A state of licence - the social licence to operate as an opportunity for the forestry sector
David Hall
Pages: 25–31
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 359 KB)

Professional Paper
Mean top height - a loose concept in New Zealand
Euan Mason
Pages: 32–36
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 365 KB)

Professional Paper
To the heart of the matter - heartwood content in totara
Greg Steward
Pages: 37–41
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 254 KB)

Professional Paper
Indigenous plantations - implications for wood quality
Greg Steward and Russell McKinley
Pages: 42–45
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 241 KB)

Short Communication
Interim 2018 discount rate survey
Bruce Manley
Pages: 46–47
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 108 KB)

Variety is the spice of life
Marco Lausberg
Pages: 48
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 358 KB)

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