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N.Z.J.For., Volume 64(4), 2020
Trevor Best
Pages: 2
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 208 KB)

Professional Paper
A comparison of 2019 Pigeon Valley Forest fire with similar events in the past
Murray Dudfield, Geoff Cameron, Jim Carle, Kerry Ellem and Peter Hill
Pages: 3–10
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 448 KB)

Professional Paper
Harvesting native trees - estimated versus recovered volumes
Greg Steward
Pages: 11–17
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 537 KB)

Professional Paper
Quantifying the area of the small-scale owners’ forest estate in the East Coast, Hawke’s Bay and Southern North Island
Bruce Manley, Justin Morgenroth, Cong Xu and Final year BForSc students of 2017 and 2018
Pages: 18–26
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 505 KB)

Professional Paper
Kauri - response to thinning of second-growth stands
Greg Steward
Pages: 27–34
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 628 KB)

Professional Paper
Are Wood Councils an alternative species?
Erica Kinder
Pages: 35–37
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 218 KB)

Short Communication
Time to rebrand health and safety as ‘care for people’?
Fiona Ewing
Pages: 38–40
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 408 KB)

Short Communication
School of Forestry update
Bruce Manley
Pages: 41–43
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 291 KB)

No plan survives the first contact of war - (Clausewitz)
Chris Goulding
Pages: 44–45
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 117 KB)

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