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N.Z.J.For., Volume 6(5), 1952
Future timber supplies
Pages: 372–373
 | Article (pdf file, 139 KB)

The New Zealand Timber Conference - 1954
Pages: 373–374
 | Article (pdf file, 139 KB)

Radiata pine
Pages: 374
 | Article (pdf file, 139 KB)

Obituary: W.S. Anderson
Pages: 374–375
 | Article (pdf file, 88 KB)

Presidential Address
Development in our Exotic Forests
G. H. Hocking
Pages: 375–382
 | Article (pdf file, 369 KB)

Research article
Some Vegetation Changes Following a Crop of 23 Year Old Pinus radiata
J. E. Henry
Pages: 382–384
 | Article (pdf file, 137 KB)

Research article
Some Characteristics of Pinus radiata That Contribute to its Importance in Afforestation in Otago and Southland
C. R. Crutwell
Pages: 384–389
 | Article (pdf file, 268 KB)

Research article
Pinus radiata: A Species of Ultimate Minor Significance in South Island Forest Practice
J. T. Holloway
Pages: 389–390
 | Article (pdf file, 85 KB)

Research article
The Limitations of Radiata Pine in Exotic State Forests in Canterbury
R.M. Martin
Pages: 390–393
 | Article (pdf file, 234 KB)

Research article
Grade in Sawn Timber and Round Products of Pinus radiata
J.S. Reid
Pages: 394–400
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 313 KB)

Research article
Analysis of the Growth Measurements of Young Pinus radiata
C.S. Barker
Pages: 400–404
 | Article (pdf file, 253 KB)

Research article
Insect Epidemics on Forest Trees in New Zealand
G.B. Rawlings
Pages: 405–413
 | Article (pdf file, 384 KB)

Research article
Farm Woodlots in the Wairarapa
D.M. Blithe
Pages: 413–418
 | Article (pdf file, 325 KB)

Research article
The Logged Podocarp Stands of the Longwood Range, Southland
J.T. Holloway
Pages: 419–435
 | Article (pdf file, 725 KB)

Research article
Forest Colonisation after Recent Volcanicity at West Taupo
P.J. McKelvey
Pages: 435–448
 | Article (pdf file, 778 KB)

Review article
Review: Planning and Control in the Managed Forest
Pages: 448–449
 | Article (pdf file, 90 KB)

Review article
Review: The Selection of Tree Species
Pages: 449–450
 | Article (pdf file, 84 KB)

Review article
Review: The Foresters Handbook
A.D. McKinnon
Pages: 450–451
 | Article (pdf file, 97 KB)

Review article
Review: Planned Management of Forests
Pages: 451–453
 | Article (pdf file, 148 KB)

Review article
Review: Forest Engineering
Pages: 453–454
 | Article (pdf file, 113 KB)

New Zealand Contemporarie
In New Zealand Contemporaries
Pages: 455–457
 | Article (pdf file, 201 KB)

Publications received
Pages: 457–460
 | Article (pdf file, 214 KB)

Institute News
New Zealand Institute of Foresters Incorporated
Pages: 461–466
 | Article (pdf file, 309 KB)

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