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N.Z.J.For., Volume 8(2), 1960
Editorial Notes
A.L. Poole
Pages: 191–199
 | Article (pdf file, 829 KB)

Presidential Review
Presidential Review
D. Kennedy
Pages: 200–202
 | Article (pdf file, 222 KB)

Research article
Cupressus Iusitanica as a Potential Timber Tree for New Zealand
M. H. Bannister and H. R. Orman
Pages: 203–217
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.3 MB)

Research article
Timber-grade Studies on Corsican Pine..and their Silvicultural Implications
R. Fenton
Pages: 218–230
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 873 KB)

Research article
Sample Plots and the Angle-count Method
B. Bay
Pages: 231–237
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 461 KB)

Research article
Thinning by Poisioning in State Forests
C. R. Cruttwell
Pages: 238–247
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.4 MB)

Research article
Phytotoxicity of Copper Oxychloride on Acid Soils
C. Bassett
Pages: 248–249
 | Article (pdf file, 79 KB)

Research article
The Importance of Climatic Factors in Forest Mycology
J. W Gilmour
Pages: 250–260
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 976 KB)

Research article
Some Comments on the Relationship of Climate to Phytophthora Infection of Pinus radiata
R. J. Newhook
Pages: 261–268
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 659 KB)

Research article
The Deerstalker's Potential Contribution to Big-game-animal Research
J. B. Henderson
Pages: 269–274
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 450 KB)

Research article
Research in Mountain-land Management: New Zealand Problems [and] Overseas Experience
J. T. Holloway
Pages: 275–292
 | Article (pdf file, 1.7 MB)

Research article
Establishment of Red-deer Range in the Tararua Mountains
Mavis M. Davidson and R. I. Kean
Pages: 293–324
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 2.9 MB)

Research article
Condition Assessment of Protection Forests
P. J. McKelvey
Pages: 325–334
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.6 MB)

Research article
Beech Regeneration and Deer in the Norh-eastern Rauhine Range
D. Widdowson
Pages: 335–336
 | Article (pdf file, 163 KB)

Research article
Natural Regeneration of the Podocarps in the..Whirinaki River Valley
R. J. Cameron
Pages: 337–354
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 1.9 MB)

Research article
Growth Study of Regenerated Kauri and Podocarps in Russel Forest
R. C. Lloyd
Pages: 355–361
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 513 KB)

Review article
Westland's Wealth
Pages: 362–363
 | Article (pdf file, 192 KB)

Review article
Decay of Timber and its Prevention
Pages: 363–364
 | Article (pdf file, 192 KB)

Review article
Experimental Design and Analysis in Forest Research
Pages: 364–365
 | Article (pdf file, 180 KB)

Review article
Direct Seeding in the South, 1959
Pages: 365
 | Article (pdf file, 90 KB)

Review article
A Descriptive Atlas of New Zealand
P. J. Mck.
Pages: 366–367
 | Article (pdf file, 202 KB)

Review article
The Natuaral Regeneration of Eucalyptus regnans
Pages: 367–368
 | Article (pdf file, 200 KB)

Review article
Patterns of Forest Regrowth
Pages: 368–369
 | Article (pdf file, 191 KB)

Hawke's Bay Section
Pages: 369–370
 | Article (pdf file, 153 KB)

Wellington Section
Pages: 370
 | Article (pdf file, 66 KB)

New Zealand Contemporaries
Pages: 370
 | Article (pdf file, 66 KB)

Obituary: T.T.C. Birch
Pages: 371–372
 | Article (pdf file, 186 KB)

Obituary: A.C. Forbes
D. Kennedy
Pages: 372–373
 | Article (pdf file, 183 KB)

Obituary: J.R. Grubb
Pages: 373
 | Article (pdf file, 88 KB)

Obituary: B. Guthrie
P.J. McKelvey
Pages: 373–374
 | Article (pdf file, 132 KB)

Annual General Meeting
Pages: 375–387
 | Article (pdf file, 989 KB)

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