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N.Z.J.For., Volume 8(4), 1962
Editorial Notes
D.S. Jackson
Pages: 535–542
 | Article (pdf file, 343 KB)

Presidential Address
Presidential Address 1962
J. Henry
Pages: 543–544
 | Article (pdf file, 63 KB)

Research article
Prospects for Selection in the Cypresses
M.H. Bannister
Pages: 545–559
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 2.1 MB)

Research article
Growth and Mortality of a 1925 Planting of Pinus radiata on Pumice
S.H. Spurr
Pages: 560–569
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 349 KB)

Research article
Provenance of Pinus pinaster Ait. - a Five-year Progress Report on a Trial at Woodhill, New Zealand
G.B. Sweet and I.J. Thulin
Pages: 570–586
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 557 KB)

Research article
Soil Sterilistaion Trials in Seven Forest Nurseries
G.M. Will and C. Bassett
Pages: 587–593
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 310 KB)

Research article
Silvicultural Characteristics of Radiata Pine in Tapanui District
I.D. Whiteside
Pages: 594–607
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 443 KB)

Research article
Stages in Branch Development and their Relation to Pruning
G.S. Brown
Pages: 608–622
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 4.4 MB)

Research article
The Tending of Pinus radiata in Southland
C.H. Brown
Pages: 623–640
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 530 KB)

Research article
Management of Radiata Pine for Profitable Early Thinning
J.G. Groome
Pages: 641–647
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 281 KB)

Research article
Round Produce, Price Control and the Economics of Silviculture
R. Fenton
Pages: 648–659
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 422 KB)

Research article
Can the Efficiency of our Nursery Practice be Improved?
G.M. Will, G.W. Hedderwick and C. Bassett
Pages: 660–663
 | Article (pdf file, 149 KB)

Grafting of Eucalypts
I.J. Thunlin and T. Faulds
Pages: 664–667
 | Article (pdf file, 3.2 MB)

Review article
Review: Growth and Yields of Natural Stands of the Southern Pines
Pages: 668–669
 | Article (pdf file, 92 KB)

Review article
Review: Fundamentals of Forestry Economics
Pages: 669–670
 | Article (pdf file, 92 KB)

Review article
Review: Financial Management of Large Forest Ownerships
Pages: 670–671
 | Article (pdf file, 90 KB)

Review article
Review: Soil Biology: With Special Reference to the Animal Kingdom
Pages: 671–672
 | Article (pdf file, 87 KB)

Review article
The Biology of Mycorrhiza
Pages: 673–674
 | Article (pdf file, 89 KB)

Review article
New Approaches in Forest Mensturation as a Basis for the Management of Pinus radiata
Pages: 674–676
 | Article (pdf file, 111 KB)

Definition of Pruning Regimes
R. Fenton
Pages: 677
 | Article (pdf file, 31 KB)

Annual General Meeting
Pages: 678–680
 | Article (pdf file, 113 KB)

Members List
Members List
Pages: 681–688
 | Article (pdf file, 309 KB)

Publications Received
Publications Received

Pages: 688–691
 | Article (pdf file, 89 KB)

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