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N.Z.J.For., Volume 9(1), 1964
Editorial Notes
D.S. Jackson
Pages: 1–6
 | Article (pdf file, 337 KB)

Research article
The Long-term Significance of New Zealand's Expanding Afforestation Programme
A.P. Thomson and R.W.M. Williams
Pages: 7–16
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 421 KB)

Research article
Symposium: Taxation and Law Affecting Private Forestry in New Zealand
M.T. Mitchell
Pages: 17–24
 | Article (pdf file, 390 KB)

Research article
Symposium: Farm Forestry and the Profit Motive
N.A. Barr
Pages: 25–30
 | Article (pdf file, 290 KB)

Research article
Symposiuam: Local Body Foresetry in New Zealand
A.W. Grayburn
Pages: 31–36
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 273 KB)

Research article
Forestry Extension through Company Forestry in New ZEaland
J.G. Groome
Pages: 37–44
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 308 KB)

Research article
Government Responsibility for Forestry by Non-Government Agencies
F. Allsop
Pages: 45–49
 | Article (pdf file, 235 KB)

Research article
Symposium: Soil Sterilization Trials in Two Forest Nurseries
C. Bassett and G.M. Will
Pages: 50–58
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 6.9 MB)

Research article
Forest Research Institute Meeting on Thinning and Pruning. July, 1963
G.S. Brown
Pages: 59–77
 | Article (pdf file, 806 KB)

Research article
The Control of Basal Area Increment in Young Pinus radiata
D.S. Jackson and J. Ure
Pages: 78–88
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 421 KB)

Research article
Animal Control in Westland Protection Forests
W.W.G. Travers
Pages: 89–97
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 3.6 MB)

Research article
Destruction of the Indigenous Forest for Maori Agriculture during the Ninteenth Century
R.J. Cameron
Pages: 98–109
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 554 KB)

Research article
Notes on Field Trips: The Institute Meeting at Masterton, 1963
A.K. Familton
Pages: 110–113
 | Article (pdf file, 1.9 MB)

Obituary: H.H. Chapman
Pages: 114
 | Article (pdf file, 51 KB)

Review article
Review: Pinus radiata: A Biliography to 1963
Pages: 115–116
 | Article (pdf file, 100 KB)

Review article
Review: Tree Growth
D.S. Jackson
Pages: 116–117
 | Article (pdf file, 100 KB)

Review article
Review: Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand
N.L. Elder
Pages: 118
 | Article (pdf file, 55 KB)

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