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TeKuraNgahere, Volume 3(5), 1935
Mining rights in State Forests
Pages: 197–199
 | Article (pdf file, 343 KB)

Research article
Forest protection against pastoralists' fires
C. M. Smith and A. W. Wastney
Pages: 199–203
 | Article (pdf file, 564 KB)

Review article
Northerly and southerly aspects and their relation to site, ground cover, and growth of Pinus radiata at Golden Downs State Forest
R. B. Moorhouse
Pages: 203–207
 | Article (pdf file, 552 KB)

Review article
Pinus radiata
H. A. Goudie
Pages: 208–210
 | Article (pdf file, 344 KB)

Research article
The underplanting of exotic conifers in an indigenous forest
W. H. Jolliffe
Pages: 210–212
 | Article (pdf file, 862 KB)

Review article
Tree-growing in the nursery
H. A. Goudie
Pages: 212–214
 | Article (pdf file, 355 KB)

Review article
The high pruning of conifers
J. F. Lysaght
Pages: 214–216
 | Article (pdf file, 294 KB)

Review article
The size of sawmilling units in New Zealand
A. F. Clark
Pages: 216–219
 | Article (pdf file, 1.4 MB)

Review article
Silvicultural notes on Nothofaus menziesii
T. T. C. Birch
Pages: 219–222
 | Article (pdf file, 665 KB)

Review article
Note on the southern limit Beilschmiedia tawa
C. M. Smith
Pages: 222–223
 | Article (pdf file, 172 KB)

Review article
The rate of growth of some native trees
A. D. McKinnon and L. J. Dumbleton
Pages: 224–225
 | Article (pdf file, 216 KB)

Review article
A note on the germination of some native species
G. H. Hocking
Pages: 225–227
 | Article (pdf file, 303 KB)

Pages: 227–228
 | Article (pdf file, 142 KB)

Book Review
A key to the species of Eucalyptus growing in New Zealand
N. Hall
Pages: 228–229
 | Article (pdf file, 640 KB)

Book Review
The purification and standardisation of kauri gum
J. R. Hosking
Pages: 230
 | Article (pdf file, 227 KB)

Book Review
Microstructure of N.Z. Lignites, Part III
W. P. Evans
Pages: 230
 | Article (pdf file, 227 KB)

Book Review
A phomopsis disease of conifers in New Zealand
T. T. C. Birch
Pages: 230–231
 | Article (pdf file, 227 KB)

Book Review
On the problem of the preservation of summer-felled logs from fungal injury
A. T. Vakine
Pages: 231
 | Article (pdf file, 227 KB)

Book Review
The place of thinning in wattle silviculture and its bearing on the management of exotic conifers
I. J. Craib
Pages: 232–233
 | Article (pdf file, 229 KB)

Abstract of the annual report of the director of forestry, New Zealand State Forest Service
Pages: 234–236
 | Article (pdf file, 412 KB)

Institute News
New Zealand Institute of Foresters Incorporated
Pages: 236–237
 | Article (pdf file, 189 KB)

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