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TeKuraNgahere, Volume 4(1), 1936
In Memoriam - Rt. Hon. Sir Francis H. D. Bell, O.C., G.C.M.G., K.C.
Pages: 1
 | Article (pdf file, 122 KB)

Review article
An historical account of timber rights under New Zealand mining law
F. W. Foster
Pages: 2–15
 | Article (pdf file, 1.7 MB)

Institute of Foresters of Australia
Pages: 15
 | Article (pdf file, 118 KB)

Review article
Notes on Agathis australis
C. T. Sando
Pages: 16–21
 | Article (pdf file, 1.2 MB)

Review article
Some impressions of Australian forestry
F. E. Hutchinson
Pages: 22–28
 | Article (pdf file, 834 KB)

Review article
An early forest reconnaissance
C. E. Douglas
Pages: 28
 | Article (pdf file, 111 KB)

Review article
Some eight years' experiences in placing a North Island popocarpus rain forest under management plans
A. N. Perham
Pages: 29–31
 | Article (pdf file, 336 KB)

Institute News
"Sir Francis Bell Memorial Essay"
Pages: 31
 | Article (pdf file, 336 KB)

An exceptional gale
A. P. Thomson
Pages: 32
 | Article (pdf file, 130 KB)

Review article
The recovery of an indigenous forest after wind-throw
A. P. Thomson
Pages: 33–36
 | Article (pdf file, 444 KB)

Research article
Deforestation and streams
E. Percival
Pages: 36–39
 | Article (pdf file, 419 KB)

Review article
Pinhole and shothole borers
A. F. Clark
Pages: 39–43
 | Article (pdf file, 516 KB)

Review article
Silvicultural notes on an overmature beech forest
T. T. C. Birch
Pages: 43–46
 | Article (pdf file, 1.1 MB)

Research article
1936 seed year
G. H. Hocking
Pages: 46–47
 | Article (pdf file, 207 KB)

Research article
Forestry down the ages
C. M. Smith
Pages: 47–54
 | Article (pdf file, 919 KB)

Book Review
The primary and secondary leaf bearing systems of the eucalypts and their silvicultural significance
M. R. Jacobs
Pages: 55–56
 | Article (pdf file, 209 KB)

Institute News
New Zealand Institute of Foresters Incorporated
Pages: 56–57
 | Article (pdf file, 184 KB)

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